Christ Wesleyan Church

Milton, PA

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Christ Wesleyan Church has been investing in the San Juan region for 17 years and have come alongside the Casa Materna project in many ways including fiscal sponsorship.

Saving Mothers

(Salvando Madres)


Saving Mothers Guatemala provides prenatal and birthing assistant training through their School of PowHER (Providing Outreach in Women’s Health & Educational Resources). This 16 week training curriculum is intended to provide these comadronas (Guatemalan midwives) with the skills necessary to ensure safe deliveries, address complications, and refer for hospital delivery when appropriate.

Guatemala Ministry of Health

ministerio de salud

We collaborate with the local government health centers of each town we serve (San Juan, San Pedro, San Pablo, Santa Clara, San Marcos, and rural villages of San Juan Panyebar/Pasaquim/Palestina) to coordinate vaccines for newborns and to share patient data. We also coordinate with the Ministry of Health and Sololá National Hospital on patient referrals and data sharing.


(Registro Nacional de Personas)

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We help our patients with the process of registering their newborns with RENAP, Guatemala's civil registry.

ODIM (Organization for the Development of the Indigenous Maya)

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Patients of Casa Materna, ODIM and local government health centers use a universal "Maternity Card" allowing all to share data if patients visit different providers throughout their pregnancy. We also help recruit patients for ODIM's "Healthy Mommy and Me" program, which provides training to pregnant women on nutrition, breastfeeding and other health issues of mothers and children.

Guatemala Ministry of Health

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We collaborate with Camotán Clinic to train local midwives, support organizational development and are working to establish a new Casa Materna program in the region.


(Sharing Health Education Resources)


S.H.E.R. is a Canadian non-profit organization that aims to improve the health of the population of an area by improving the survival rate of newborns and infant health using sustainable practices. S.H.E.R. provides regular training opportunities to our staff in newborn resucitation and Helping Babies Breathe.

Maimonides Medical Center



Maimonides Medical Center in Brooklyn, NY provides volunteer OB-GYN residents twice yearly from their Global Health Program, led by Dr. Poroshat Shekarloo. Residents train the Casa team on ultrasound technique, treatment of postpartum hemhorrage, suturing and other topics.

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